A consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic was the need for companies to recall job placements. Caught in the midst of this halt were college students, many of whom lost their internships.

Realizing that unprecedented times had brought uncertainty to the near-future of many of their peers, Chuck Isgar, Megan Kasselberg and David Lu at Brown University created a digital platform called Intern From Home to help students find and apply to internships. Start-ups, as well as other companies, post internship opportunities that students then submit applications to directly through Intern From Home. Instead of subscribing to the traditional practice of account-resume-cover letter on a job board, Intern From Home posts roles exclusive to their website, to which a student can quickly and directly apply.

As a site borne out of shelter-in-place, Intern From Home has focused on supporting virtual internship roles, and it seems like these remote opportunities are here to stay. The team of seven is excited by the prospect of students being able to intern from their hometowns instead of expensive destinations like New York and San Francisco. Attracting students with its effective and stress-free job hunting philosophy, Intern From Home has worked with thousands of students and hundreds of companies. From one group of Gen Z’ers to another, this website is completely free and maintains its priority of helping students and companies during this challenging time.

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