Hi everyone! My name is Karina Parikh and I am a junior in high school from San Diego, California. In October 2019, I launched Stick 2 You, an enterprise that aims to promote teen mental health and spread positivity. Stick 2 You’s mission is to 1) appreciate your own self-value and self-worth and 2) stick to your own journey. I sell stickers with encouraging messages on them for people’s personal belongings, and with the proceeds, I host wellness events and the Stick 2 You podcast!
I was inspired to create Stick 2 You because I realized that in our society mental health is oftentimes overlooked and stigmatized, and I wanted to help make a difference. As a high school student, it can be very difficult at times because we are in a stage in our lives where we feel a lot of stress and pressure while still discovering who we are as people. My goal is to remind you that there is always a positive and that your well-being matters.
I believe Gen Z should care about this issue because especially with the presence of social media, mental health is such an important topic. We spend so much time online and it can be easy for society to tell us that we need to “act or look a certain way.” I am here to tell you that you are worthy and you should value your self-care. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you ever need advice or someone to talk to.
Throughout my journey with Stick 2 You, I would say my biggest accomplishment has been being able to transition Stick 2 You from solely a small sticker business to a platform that hosts virtual wellness events and a podcast as well. Stick 2 You was featured on Fox 5 News channel, San Diego Women’s Magazine, SD Voyager Magazine, and The Del Mar Times, which has been such an amazing experience. I am incredibly grateful for the outstanding support I have received with Stick 2 You– from my family to my friends and to WIT’s entrepreneurship program. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Stick 2 You!

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