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At this moment, sharing our lives and experiences across the globe will produce ideas and insights that generate ingenious solutions to the problems we face. The influence of Gen Z lies in its ability to take advantage of technology, hyperconnectivity, and instant access to information, which will create a far deeper understanding of humanity than what could have been possible in any generation before. A global, deeper appreciation for humanity is the first step to achieving the lofty goals of Gen Z:  social justice, economic equality, tolerance and peace.


Vivek Pandit

Team Leader

Thank you for visiting! I grew up in Dallas, graduated from Brown University, and now working as an entrepreneur in Philadelphia. Wherever I’ve lived, I'm inspired by our generation’s courageous initiatives and movements. I created this site as a way to amplify and unify our generation's voices so that we can make a true impact all around the globe.
I'm all about mind and body fitness, keeping up with current events and trends, travel and immersion in different cultures, meeting new people, and engaging in meaningful conversations.
I want to meet as many of you as possible, so please reach out to me! DM me on Instagram: @vivekpandit108

Anjali Deepak

Project Manager

Hey I’m Anjali:) I’m from India but I live in Dubai and am now studying in Providence. I love learning about everything to do with humans and the peculiar ways in which our brains function, but the pandemic and quarantine led me to explore other hobbies including digital media. Under normal circumstances I love adventuring and exploring, but while in self isolation you can find me spending hours playing around with graphics:) @wearegenz is the main platform where you can check out my graphics and join in the change-making✨

Meena Pandit

Project Manager

Hey, Meena here! I’m from Dallas and studying at Brown university. My academic focus is Science, Technology and Society looking more deeply into policy, persuasion and the rhetoric of science. I’m a crusader at heart so when I’m not wondering why some people think scientific facts are an opinion, I love to explore and discover the unknown. I’m a free spirited star gazer, dancer, and shower singer with a passion for traveling and cultural immersion.

Mehek Vohra

Senior Graphic Designer

Hi I’m Mehek! I am currently pursuing a Dual Degree in Graphic Design and Cognitive Neuroscience at the Rhode Island School of Design and Brown University. My artistic practice aims to combine typography with media studies to challenge the way we process information around us, and the extent to which media influences our thoughts and behavior. I have grown up in India, Singapore and Dubai and am thrilled to be part of this blossoming community of change!
Do check out my artwork @graphicsby.mehek