During the lockdown, the number of domestic violence cases nearly doubled in India. After hearing testimonies of women in part one, I realized that this issue is often hidden behind closed doors.

Thus, the door was used as a symbol to unravel this issue and was painted in three shades. The front of the door said Welcome Home, which was what the world saw, while the back revealed the reality.

This was installed infront of one of the most visited statue of Ganga maa in Rishikesh. I used mauli (religious, red thread) to block people’s passage towards the statue and force them to open this door and face the issue people often avoid.

This door revealed a statue of Ganga maa and her Guru who’s seen bowing down in respect. For years, men have worshipped women in the form of goddesses, however end up abusing them in other forms of a wife or a child. Thus, I wanted that each time they come to worship this statue, they remember to respect every form of the female body.

I digitally painted the statue of the goddess using procreate to make a statement about how each form of the female body is the same and the suffering is felt equally without actually touching the statue.

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