“Why does it feel like we are trying to make a business lunch when we’re just friends.”

“I wish I knew which friends were available to play Catan online. Instead, I have to play with random people”

Emit is a social app that is meant to provide an easy, non-committal way to facilitate spontaneous get-togethers. Even before COVID, it was often too tedious or hard in college to spontaneously get lunch with someone you weren’t super close to, or have an impromptu gaming session with friends, or do anything unless it’s with your close friends or involves Google Calendar.

Catching up with people shouldn’t be so difficult. Emit solves this by enabling their users to send broadcasts called flares to multiple groups and friends at the same time to signal availability. Flares communicate the Who, What, When and Where of people’s spontaneous activities with just a few taps, making it easier to tell people you’re down to do something.

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