1. What is Pointz?

Pointz is a mobile mapping app that navigates bike and scooter riders through safe (low-stress, low-traffic) routes in cities. Our proprietary routing algorithm favors roads on a unique ‘quiet network’ of residential side streets, protected bike lanes, and other ‘bike-friendly’ streets. This network is created and vetted by experienced local riders. In addition, our solution incorporates crowdsourcing for riders of all levels so that we can continue to improve and update our maps.

  1. What excites you most about Pointz?

One of the easiest ways to bring down greenhouse emissions from the transportation sector is to use micromobility transportation like bikes, scooters, electric bikes, skateboards, etc. Right now, many people don’t feel comfortable riding micromobility vehicles in most US cities. We’re making micromobility transportation safer and more accessible for everyday people and in the meantime reducing the number of fossil-fueled cars on the roads.

  1. How did Maggie and Trisha meet?

Maggie and Trisha, both morning people, first met at the VDub while having breakfast with one of their close friends. They continued to bond over their love of social entrepreneurship while working together at Brown EP’s WE (Women Empowerment) team. Ever since Trisha joined Pointz full-time last May during quarantine they’ve been a team, spearheading the mission to point bike and scooter riders in a sustainable and safe direction ever since.

  1. Ask

We have finished the MVP (minimum viable product) of our app, and we’re currently testing with a couple hundred bike and scooter riders in Providence before we expand to Boston and NYC in the summer. If you use bikes or scooters with any level of riding experience, we invite you to come try out our app during the rest of this month into April! You can check us out at bikepointz.com and sign up to get the app there.

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