Taste allows users to discover various venues, from restaurants, to bars, to coffee shops, based on their music library.

Currently, music apps are incredibly limited to the listening experience. This is not, however, reflective of music’s influence on everyday lives. Music not only impacts our mood but is also used as a method to change our mood. Just as music apps are overly simplified in relation to our actual use, as are those for food: yelp, Time Out, Trip Advisor, etc. To so many, the vibe of your venue is (almost) as important as what’s on your plate. With Taste, users can discover new venues based on their music library, or, discover where similar music fans are dining.

This curated mode of discovery places emphasis on Gen Z’s passion for authentic and personal social experiences. After conducting a deep dive into Gen Z and their values, I found transparency, authenticity and open-mindedness to be of utmost importance. Paid influencers and disingenuous partnerships are, by now, transparently superficial too much of this cohort. In-app discovery coupled with in-app sharing with friends lays the foundation for a uniquely genuine, personal social platform.

Taste is only just getting started — still searching for a coder who can use Spotify — but exciting things are coming.

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