Heart to Heart is a podcast about the adventures of two best friends navigating the world around them. Each episode, they muse about topics such as college life and current events. This podcast was started in order to bring the experiences of young Black women to the public forefront— in an effort to make Black female experiences more mainstream. Co-hosts (and best friends) Brea and Kim both felt a desperate lack of representation in the lifestyle and social media world, as well as a lack of relatable, yet meaningful content.

Heart to Heart podcast dives into serious topics in a fun and raw way that not only draws in fellow Black girls, but a diverse audience interested in topics regarding lifestyle and life lessons. The podcast has focused on numerous topics such as Black feminism, societal expectations, and the Black Lives Matter movement. By utilizing both personal anecdotes and historical facts, the podcast strikes the perfect balance of amusing and informative. In this new age of racial awareness and responsibility, this podcast has helped push forward expectations and hopes of racial equity.

With over 6,000 total listens spanning 42 countries, the podcast has already made a global impact on audiences interested in learning more about the U.S. Black female experience.



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