Project Matriarchs aims to alleviate the disproportionate burden of childcare and homeschooling responsibilities that many mothers are shouldering during the pandemic.

Project Matriarchs believes that working mothers deserve more from their employers and that the next generation of women entering the workforce will expect more from their employers.

Project Matriarchs matches college students, many of whom currently have highly flexible schedules due to remote learning, with families to provide virtual academic support and/or mentorship to their child(ren).

Project Matriarchs pays their college students $15 an hour while offering this resource free to families who need it. This sliding scale model, in addition to necessary external donations, has helped them reach families that have been excluded from the existing alternatives, most of which are prohibitively expensive.

Project Matriarchs aims to inspire conversations about the intersection of work and caregiving in order to catalyze progress towards workplaces that are truly inclusive and supportive of working mothers.

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