What started as a summer pastime with a beloved uncle turned into a flourishing honey business for Anita Todorovic.  The Honey House, located in Vernon Hills, Chicago, produces and harvests pure raw honey; jams and compotes with no added sugars/preservatives; and herbal, medicinal loose-leaf tea. The main goal of the Honey House is to provide pure, organic, natural and healthy products to sustainably-minded consumers.

“It is easy to dismiss our health 40-50 years down the road,” says Todorovic. “But it’s in our greatest interest to be thoughtful about our bodies now. Eating healthy, organic foods that have amazing benefits, like honey, is one way to get ahead of time, before time runs out.” This is a personal mission for her, who had to watch her uncle’s health deteriorate, costing him his life. Moving forward with everything her uncle taught her about bee-keeping, Anita decided to take her business to farmers markets after she graduated in 2019.

The pandemic altered her plans, but couldn’t alter her vision. Anita was forced to search for other ways to bring her honey business to life.  This led her to build her own store-front right out of the property where she raised the bees and harvested the honey, opening her doors in October of 2020. Now, as founder/owner of the Honey House, she is part of three farmers markets this summer, has her store open on weekends, and is spreading awareness about bees, all while providing the sweetest (no pun intended) products of them all!

It’s no secret that bees are essential to our ecosystems. We, as humans, need bees to exist. They pollinate a third of our world’s crops, and are the number one pollinators for our flowers and plants. Without them we would lose a lot of our resources, and suffer the resultant consequences.  That’s why it’s important to support local businesses like the Honey House that organically support the environment and ecosystem. As Anita says, “if we as Gen Zers want to live a long life on a beautiful Earth, then we have to take the steps to make sure our ecosystems and environment are healthy too. To be healthy is to be happy. And to be happy is to be the best you, which will flourish in the world.” 



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