The patient’s heart stops. The doctors take out the defibrillators. 1-2-3. He’s revived!

We’ve all seen it in the movies, but very few of us know anything about resuscitating someone from cardiac arrest in real life. ResusciTech’s mission is to give people the power to save someone’s life, enabling them to take action in emergency situations with training and real time feedback.

Founded in the fall of 2018 by two undergraduate engineering students at Brown University, the team of ResusciTech wanted to provide people with the best, most intuitive, easily accessible tools for training and emergency medical response. And what is more intuitive than a mobile app?

Difficult processes, such as gauging compression depth while performing CPR can be conveniently learnt over the app, without added costs, equipment, wasted time, or… going to lecture. After creating an account, users can complete interactive education sessions and learn first aid, AED use, CPR, and can practice with real time feedback.

“To do this, users hold their phones while performing chest compressions on a household object like a couch cushion. We use the sensors that are already in your phone to measure and analyze the compressions you perform. In real time, the phone provides audio feedback and visual feedback to guide you and correct your compressions, proving your capability and giving you confidence.” said founder and CEO Abigail Kohler to The Boston Globe

ResusciTech is headed for big things. It was named one of the Top 6 Finalists at MassChallenge RI, was the third place winner of the Brown Venture Prize, won the medtech track of the Rhode Island Business Competition, and the EmPOWERED to Serve Accelerator’s $40,000 top grant. They are currently patent-pending, and look forward to translating the app into multiple languages, to raise awareness about cardiac emergencies across communities. 

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