I have always believed that every problem, is an opportunity waiting to be identified.

The founding of MatchOpp followed a similar ethos. In an increasingly competitive world, where higher education and proactiveness have become a must, and an ever-increasing premium is placed on experience and extracurriculars, it became clear that the present infrastructure of must university campuses to connect their students with the optimal opportunities was long overdue an iteration.

As a student myself, I soon realized that the methods used for students to connect with the right on campus opportunity, and the way these groups marketed and onboarded their memberships was extremely archaic. There is heavy reliance on physical flyers, posters, activity fairs, direct emailing etc.

I saw the problem as 3-fold:

1. Immense time drain, effort and resources from the Student group’s side that came at significant cost and damage to the environment (owing to obscene quantities of paper and ink being used).

2. Unlevel playing field – given the manpower and physical resource intensive nature of marketing and recruiting there was an inherent disadvantage to up and coming student organizations, who despite an inspired vision and quality value proposition, could not capture the same student mindshare due to resource limitation.

3. A significant portion of the student population suffering from ‘buyer’s remorse’ to use the term lightly. Most conversations about organizations were riddled with comments like ‘if only I had known this existed’ or ‘if only someone had recommended this to me my freshman year’. There was a clear information asymmetry, as a consequence of which, students were missing out on opportunities that would have fit their academic, professional or personal goals better.

It was in endeavoring to address these 3 problems and evolve the system to a point where every student could be guaranteed an optimal extracurricular experience and every student group could be judged based on its quality, not size, that MatchOpp was born.

It is a platform that diminishes the information gaps between students and ECA’s through the use of an advanced algorithm that students with opportunities based on their preferences and personality type, as well as bringing all marketing, onboarding and communication efforts between these 2 stakeholders onto a single, equal and user-friendly interface.

Putting it simply, MatchOpp is Cheaper, Faster and More Efficient.

Through an extremely potent cocktail of combined vision, a multi-talented team and strong mentorship networks, MatchOpp has been able to blossom – in the midst of one of the most testing times in decades – into a promising venture with strong and market ready proprietary technology, a successfully concluded beta test that garnered strong positive response (with over 150 student groups registered on the platform) and an international team of coders, strategists, designers and marketers working around the clock to continue to grow our presence and add value to the solutions we are providing!

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